PepDist 1.0 Server

The PepDist Server predicts binding affinity to a number of different MHC class I alleles using peptide-peptide distance functions. It is powered by the DistBoost algorithm. Predictions can be obtained for 35 different individual alleles.

1. Please select a single allele:

2. Please paste one (or more) nine-residue-long peptides (each peptide in a different line):

Note: If the peptide is longer than 9 amino acids, the server will only refer to the first 9 amino-acids

Predicting Protein-Peptide Binding Affinity by Learning Peptide-Peptide Distance Functions.
Chen Yanover and Tomer Hertz
In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3500, Pages 456-471 (RECOMB 2005, BibTex citation).

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